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Seattle Bridge Center
Game Schedule
Driving Directions


Entry fee is $8 starting 1/1/2014 except special events, 

A bottomless cup of coffee 50 cents

Monday 10:30 AM open & stratified

Monday 7:00 PM lessons & Supervised play beginning players

Tuesday 10:00 AM  Beginning bridge lessons

Wed 10:30 AM No game

Thursday 10:30 AM open & stratified (lunch included with entry)

Friday 10:30 AM open & stratified

Saturday 9:00 AM lessons & Supervised play for intermediate/ advanced players. 

Saturday noon open & stratified

Sunday 1:00 PM open & stratified (1/2 price Bridge $4 entry)

We have unlimited FREE parking with HANDICAP ACCESS.  A partner is always available.  Please call 206-282-6414 and leave a message.